Registration Info


For Dance High Schools & Student Dance Participants
(studios are not eligible to attend)


  • ALL participating schools, dance students, faculty and chaperones are REQUIRED to fill out an online registration form (see Forms, Fees & Deadlines).
  • School and student registrations are not considered complete until registration fees are paid.
  • ALL individuals participating in the Regional High School Dance Festival are REQUIRED to fill out a Liability/Media Release Form.
  • Dance High Schools must collect all signed Liability/Media Release Forms IN ONE PACKAGE for their participants and send them to University of Wisconsin-Madison Dance Department, ATT: RHSDF, 1050 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706.


  • Fees and forms MUST be received (not post-marked) by the deadline (see Forms, Fees & Deadlines).
  • Dance High Schools MUST collect payments from their participants (students & additional chaperones) and make one payment for their group online or via school check or money order. Those sending check or money order should complete the Payment Form and send it with payment.
  • All Fees are non-refundable after Feb 3, 2017.


  • Schools MUST fill out an Adjudication Form and make payment FOR EACH student performance to be considered for adjudication no later than Jan 20, 2017. Each online form REQUIRES an electronic link of your video. We will not accept DVDs.


  • The list of institutions offering scholarships will be updated on an ongoing basis. This list should be reviewed carefully.
  • Each auditioning student MUST complete the Scholarship Audition Form no later than Feb 24, 2017.
  • The Liability/Media Release Form has a separate line for parent/guardian signature to permit students to audition. This section MUST BE SIGNED if a student wants to be eligible to audition.



REGISTER your school & PAY your school registration. [School Registration Form; $200, Due Dec 21]

STEP 2 ⇢ 

Dance High School DETERMINES participant group attending event [LIMIT 25 students per school] and IDENTIFIES dance performances for adjudication.


Dance High School REGISTERS and PAYS for all dances for adjudication.  [Adjudication Form, $25/performance, Due Jan 20]


Students & Chaperones REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY by filling out the online registration form. [Student Registration Form, Faculty Chaperone Registration Form, Due no later than Feb 3]


Students & Additional Chaperones MAKE PAYMENTS directly to their Dance High School. [$115/student, $75/addition chaperone beyond 2; limit 7]

STEP 6 ⇢

Student Parent/Guardians & Chaperones COMPLETE Liability/Media Release Forms and SUBMIT to their Dance High School. [Due no later than Feb 3]

STEP 7 ⇢

Dance High School SUBMITS all participant Liability/Media Release forms IN ONE PACKAGE by mail and MAKES ONE PAYMENT (online or by mail) for all of their participants. [Due no later than Feb 3]

STEP 8 ⇢

Students auditioning for scholarships SUBMIT the online Scholarship Audition Form. [Scholarship Audition Form, Due no later than Feb 24]

For Recruiters/Exhibitors


  • Institutions interested in having a table and representatives for recruitment & information purposes at the Regional High School Festival, must fill out the Recruiter/Exhibitor Registration Form and make payment no later than Dec 9, 2016.  The fee is $225 and includes 2 attendees. Information about recruitment guidelines are available here.
  • ALL recruiters/exhibitors MUST complete and submit a Liability/Media Release Form NO LATER THAN Feb 3, 2017.


  • Institutions wishing to audition students for scholarships MUST submit a Scholarship Offering Form no later than Dec 9, 2016.



For Those Interested in Teaching

Individuals interested in teaching at the Festival must fill out a Teaching Request Form no later than December 9, 2016. ALL teachers MUST complete and submit a Liability/Media Release Form.